Goldheit Retinol Power Cream (50ml)

Premium Anti-Aging Vitamin A Cream - very high dosage
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The cream contains retinyl palmitate and retinol, once as a complex and once as a liposomal-encapsulated variant. In addition, a complex of active ingredients from the stevia plant with a similar effect to vitamin A is incorporated. The cream contains a total of approx. 4% vitamin A complex, which corresponds approximately to the maximum value of 0.3% retinoic acid units in face creams, which is classified as safe by the EU. Allergen-free perfume oil.
Retinol (pure vitamin A) regulates the keratinisation of the skin, keeps the skin in good condition, firms the skin, has a skin smoothing effect, stimulates wound healing, firms the connective tissue, protects against free radicals, stimulates cell renewal. It is skin softening, smoothing and epidermis thickening. In deeper skin layers it stimulates an increased division rate of the cells, activates their metabolism, prevents the degradation of collagen, reduces the depth of wrinkles and regulates hyperkeratoses. Retinol is not only effective against wrinkles. Since the substance causes the top layer of the skin to "peel" and renew itself, the application has even more effects: Enlarged pores appear smaller, pigmentation spots diminish and even acne can improve.

Apply to cleansed and toned face. Please avoid the eye area. The retinol cream is particularly high-dosed. Please get used to the product slowly. An initial application of 1 to 3 times a week is sufficient until the skin has become accustomed to it. After acclimatisation, Retinol Power Cream can be used daily in the evening. Some flaking, dryness or redness may occur at the beginning of use. If the side effects last longer than four days, the product should be discontinued. Retinol can increase the skin's sensitivity to light. Therefore, please be sure to use the X4 Skin Protect Serum after your usual day care. Apply Juventas Sercet Elixir and Juventas Secret Eye Care as usual before the Retinol Cream. Apply the Retinol Power Cream only in the evening.

Please do not use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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