Guinot Creme Riche Age Logic (50ml)

Deeply Nourishing Anti-Aging Cream
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With age and the effects of the sun, the skin is less firm, it becomes thinner and drier. Signs of skin ageing appear. This is caused by a reduction in the skin's cellular activity. The skin lacks energy, oxygen and lipids.

The Riche Age Logic cream helps to reboot cellular activity by providing the cells with the energy they need to fight the signs of ageing. It also reactivates the mechanisms of nourishment by intensively nourishing the skin.

ATP-Actinergy provides the energy necessary for the vital functions of the cells and improves the oxygen supply to the cells to stimulate their metabolism.

56 biological ingredients stimulate cell metabolism.

Rambutan leaf extract promotes the synthesis and cohesion of collagen and elastin fibres to firm the skin and smooth wrinkles.

Liposkin restores the skin's hydrolipidic film.

Pro-Ceramides stimulate the synthesis of the skin's major lipid-containing components, enabling the skin to restructure the intercellular cement itself.

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