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Image of Matis Crème Abeille (50ml)

Matis Crème Abeille (50ml)

Precious care with royal jelly for a wonderful skin sensation
CHF 98.00
(100ml CHF 196.00)
Image of Matis Hyaluliss-Medium (30ml)

Matis Hyaluliss-Medium (30ml)

Anti-Aging Foundation
CHF 58.00
(100ml CHF 193.33)
Image of Matis Hyaluliss-Light (30ml)

Matis Hyaluliss-Light (30ml)

Anti-Aging Foundation
CHF 58.00
(100ml CHF 193.33)
Image of Matis Délicate Les Minis

Matis Délicate Les Minis

Mini-Kit with Sensiflora-Cream (20ml) and Sensiflora-Peel (20ml)
CHF 61.20¹ CHF 48.00
Image of Matis Préventive Les Minis

Matis Préventive Les Minis

Mini-Kit with Hydra-Mood 24h (20ml) and Hydramood-Night (20ml)
CHF 49.20¹ CHF 39.00
Image of Matis Fondamentale Les Minis

Matis Fondamentale Les Minis

Mini-Kit with Authentik-Beauty (20ml ) and Authentik-Scrub (20ml)
CHF 54.40¹ CHF 43.50
Image of Matis Post-Shave (50ml)

Matis Post-Shave (50ml)

Après-Rasage Balm has a soothing and repairing effect
CHF 58.00
(100ml CHF 116.00)
Image of Matis Age-Men (50ml)

Matis Age-Men (50ml)

This anti-ageing care, especially for men, helps to fight the signs of skin ageing
CHF 89.00
(100ml CHF 178.00)
Image of Matis Fresh-Secure Déodorant 48h (50ml)

Matis Fresh-Secure Déodorant 48h (50ml)

Natural deodorant
CHF 35.00
(100ml CHF 70.00)
Image of Matis Shower-Energy (200ml)

Matis Shower-Energy (200ml)

2-1 Energyzing Shower Gel Hair & Body
CHF 42.00
(100ml CHF 21.00)
Image of Matis L'Homme Sport

Matis L'Homme Sport

Coffret Sport Man
CHF 89.00
Image of Matis Once upon a time Coffret Night-Reveal 10

Matis Once upon a time Coffret Night-Reveal 10

Coffret Réponse Corrective
CHF 98.00
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