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Image of Matis Slim-Motion (200ml)

Matis Slim-Motion (200ml)

Thermoactive treatment, slimming and firming
CHF 69.00 incl. VAT plus shipping
(100ml CHF 34.50)
Image of Matis Nutri-Motion (200ml)

Matis Nutri-Motion (200ml)

SOS balm intensely nourishes dry skin
CHF 122.00 incl. VAT plus shipping
(100ml CHF 61.00)
Image of Matis Scent (50ml)

Matis Scent (50ml)

Scented wellness spray, moisturising pre-treatment
CHF 25.00 incl. VAT plus shipping
(100ml CHF 50.00)
Image of Matis Hydra-Motion (200ml)

Matis Hydra-Motion (200ml)

Moisturising treatment with long-lasting effect, for dehydrated skin
CHF 54.00 incl. VAT plus shipping
(100ml CHF 27.00)
Image of Matis Cool-Legs (200ml)

Matis Cool-Legs (200ml)

Cooling gel with drainage effect
CHF 48.00 incl. VAT plus shipping
(100ml CHF 24.00)
Image of Matis Stretch-HA (200ml)

Matis Stretch-HA (200ml)

Stretch mark reduction
CHF 68.00 incl. VAT plus shipping
(100ml CHF 34.00)
Image of Matis Surprising-Scrub (200g)

Matis Surprising-Scrub (200g)

Milky peeling on a natural basis
CHF 64.00 incl. VAT plus shipping
(100g CHF 32.00)
Image of Matis Natural-Secure 24hr Deodorant (50ml)

Matis Natural-Secure 24hr Deodorant (50ml)

Deodorant of natural origin, 24-hour protection
CHF 34.00 incl. VAT plus shipping
(100ml CHF 68.00)
Image of Matis Le Gommage (50ml)

Matis Le Gommage (50ml)

Exfoliating caviar scrub
CHF 78.00
(100ml CHF 156.00)
Image of Matis Le Masque (50ml)

Matis Le Masque (50ml)

Remineralising Caviar Glaze Mask
CHF 88.00¹ CHF 79.20
(100ml CHF 158.40)
Image of Matis Parisian Escape Montmartre Coffret

Matis Parisian Escape Montmartre Coffret

Fundamental Response Box
CHF 136.00¹ CHF 92.00
Image of Matis Hyalu-Lips

Matis Hyalu-Lips

For full and supple lips
CHF 44.00
(100ml CHF 440.00)
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