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Matis Authentik-Beauty (50ml)

This cult skincare from MATIS with its flattering texture melts into all skin types.
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This cult skincare from MATIS with its caressing texture melts into all skin types. It helps to repair, stimulate, moisturise and protect the skin.

Its active ingredients have not been altered for decades.
The skin regains its radiance and beauty and looks as if it has been reborn.
This fundamental cream is one of MATIS' most popular creams because of its instant beautifying effect.

Main ingredients

Hyaluronic acid
This hyaluronic acid - a molecule like a "sponge" - is able to bind up to a thousand times its own weight in water. It helps to hydrate the superficial layers of the epidermis and plump up the facial features.

Extract of Mimosa Tenuiflora
This mimosa extract with strong soothing properties has a disinfecting and bactericidal effect. It has a tissue-repairing and anti-radical effect.


Silicon derivative
This derivative of synthetic origin makes it possible to hydrate the skin and limit its dehydration by reinforcing cell regeneration.

Vitamin E
Acts against free radicals and is recognised as an important antioxidant. It slows down skin ageing and ensures the stability of cell structures.

Vitamin A palmitate
This palmitate supports cell regeneration by stimulating cell growth, increasing enzyme activity and normalising cell division. In this way, the skin's ageing process can be counteracted.

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