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Matis AvantAge NUIT (50ml)

The night makes the difference! Ani-fatigue care for the night for face and neck
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With age, fatigue and stress, the skin recovers less well. When it wakes up, it still bears visible signs of fatigue, the complexion is sallow and the facial features are sagging. AvantAge Nuit is a balancing care that benefits from your sleep to stimulate the potential of the skin's own defences and fight against the signs of fatigue.

ChronoSkin Complex contributes to the optimal effectiveness of the nighttime repair mechanisms, thereby helping to prevent the poor, tired appearance from being installed.
Results: the skin looks again as if you had slept longer. Every time you wake up, the signs of tiredness seem to disappear. The skin is fresh and as if recovered, as if the lack of sleep is less noticeable on your skin, so it keeps its young appearance longer.

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