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Matis Cashmere Hand (50ml)

Fountain of youth for the needs of the most demanding hands, directly exposed and permanently attacked
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This hand cream is the fountain of youth for the needs of the most demanding hands, directly exposed and permanently attacked (sun, detergents, cold and other external factors...).

SKIN: against dry and chapped skin
- Skin is hydrated and nourished
- Delays skin ageing caused by UV rays (FPS 10)
- Evens out pigmentation spots and prevents their reformation

SCIENCE: The anti-age spot solution for hands
- Vitamin A and E derivatives: Vitamin A has anti-ageing properties, Vitamin E is a powerful anti-radical. These two vitamins help to
fight the daily onslaught of UV rays and counteract the signs of time
- Nanocitrus: These are citrus flavonoids. These help to prevent and reduce pigmentation as they
help to reduce the production of melanin
- UVA/UVB protection: Provides effective protection against the sun's rays with SPF 10, which delays photo-ageing
but also reduces the appearance of pigmentation
- Nourishing and moisturising complex: This synergistic blend of vegetable glycerin and olive wax provides instant comfort

SENSES: Hands like velvet
- Its silky touch feels light and velvety on the skin
- Apply a hazelnut amount to the hands and massage
- Use several times a day

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