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Matis Eau Regard Micellaire Démaquillage Yeux (150ml)

A mild eye makeup remover for sensitive eyes
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Matcha tea-based, enriched with cornflower and witch hazel water, known for their many soothing properties. Complemented by a micellar complex that enables particularly gentle make-up removal.Micellar water contains " micelles ". Micelles are surfactants that, due to their spherical shape, attract impurities, makeup and sebum to the skin like a magnet, without rubbing. The spheres have an affinity for both water and oil.

Micellar water is specially formulated for sensitive, reactive or hypersensitive skin (it was originally developed for this type of skin) and enables thorough and particularly gentle cleansing. This special formula gives the skin a feeling of freshness and well-being while ensuring a perfectly cleansed eye area. Also perfect for removing make-up from lash extensions or puffy, irritated eyes. Also for contact lens wearers.

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