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Matis Face Renew 100 (50ml)

Microdermabrasion cream for home use
Item No: 108.1161.1
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Microdermabrasion cream for the home! The formula of Matis Face Renew 100 is inspired by cosmetic surgery microdermabrasion and is based on the same fine abrasive particles. The aim is:

- to improve the skin's texture
- refine the complexion
- to reduce wrinkles and imperfections
- a "new skin" effect

Even after the first application, the skin appears rosier and more radiant, the skin breathes better, waste products and toxins are broken down more easily. Cell renewal is boosted, collagen and elastin are also stimulated, wrinkles and fine lines are reduced. The complexion is more radiant and even!

The main elements of this peeling are: Corundum, a mineral substance, it is very fine abrasive particles as well as mild AHA acids from marine origin, a red algae complex. They contribute to the exfoliation process and skin regeneration, giving a radiant complexion and smoothing expression lines.

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