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Matis Hydra-Mood Serum (30ml)

A concentrated load of moisture
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This sérum provides the skin with intense hydration thanks to a perfect harmony between plant extracts and biotechnological compounds for a targeted action at the heart of the cells. Acts on all levels of the skin to restore its optimal level of hydration, 24 hours a day.

HydraDynamic3D: Molecular network of natural biopolymers with a highly concentrated hydration complex that acts as a patch for multilevel hydration:
- On the surface: molecular network that prevents water evaporation.
- Inside the skin: the network releases and distributes an intense hydration complex (glycerin, serine, urea....).
- Cranberry extract: rich in polyphenols, contain a large amount of flavonoids which give them their antioxidant properties.
Helps the skin preserve its youthful capital.
- Aquaregul : Powerful combination that optimises the skin's water reserves and reinforces the barrier action to limit dehydration.

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