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Matis Le Jardin Romantique Set

Reponse Preventive Beauty Set
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This set contains:

Hydra-Mood Serum (30ml)
This sérum provides intense hydration to the skin thanks to a perfect harmony between plant extracts and biotechnological compounds for a targeted action at the heart of the cells. Acts on all levels of the skin to restore its optimal level of hydration, 24 hours a day.

HydraDynamic3D: Molecular network of natural biopolymers with a highly concentrated hydration complex that acts as a patch for multi-level hydration:
- On the surface: molecular network that prevents water evaporation.
- Inside the skin: the net releases and distributes an intense hydrating complex (glycerin, serine, urea....).
- Cranberry extract: rich in polyphenols, contain a large amount of flavonoids that give them their antioxidant properties.
Helps the skin retain its youthful capital.
- Aquaregul : Powerful combination that optimizes the water reserves of the skin and reinforces the barrier action to limit dehydration.

YOUR GIFT: City-Mood (50ml) worth CHF 89.-
Helps fight visible and invisible signs of pollution on your skin by limiting the adhesion and damage of many airborne pollutants. More resistant and better protected, skin aging due to pollution is reduced. The environmental shield for your skin! Light and melting cream gel for all skin types.

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