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Matis Le Serum (30ml)

Precious elixir with caviar
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In keeping with its name, the application is a truly unique sensory experience. A serum-in-oil with a refined texture - fine, light, transparent. A few drops are all it takes to refine the skin day after day.

The elixir texture of the Sérum au CAVIAR MATIS is delicate and light, spreads easily and literally melts into the skin. Immediately absorbed, it envelops even the most demanding skin as if in a cocoon. The result: a silky, supple skin feeling, a unique experience for the senses.
Its effectiveness is unique. Due to its oil base, the reduced formula does not require any preservatives at all, is free of parabens, phenoxyethanol, mineral oils, BHA/ BHT and silicones and focuses on the essentials: for a global, unparalleled anti-ageing solution with immediately visible results.

Thanks to its special protein and amino acid content, it has nourishing, moisturising and remineralising properties. Its multiple potentials help to protect the skin structures from degradation. The skin is more supple, stronger, firmer and smoother. It also helps fight free radicals and balance oxidative damage to cell and membrane structures.

Visible results: an improvement in skin density and firmness and a reduction in wrinkles.
A blend of perfectly dosed oils, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil and Vitamin E have excellent moisturising, replenishing and antioxidant properties, completing the formula's effectiveness.
Proven effectiveness after 28 days. Skin appears firmer, skin quality is optimised, even deep wrinkles appear reduced and the skin gains new radiance.

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