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Matis Sensibiotic Peel (50ml)

Thanks to its combination of active ingredients, Sensibiotic-Peel is characterised by its immediate peeling effect AND its long-term soothing effect.
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This exfoliator without abrasive particles is gentle on the epidermis of the most sensitive skin, removes dead cells and impurities and soothes the skin. Its enzymatic action combined with the soothing effect of its active ingredients restores suppleness and luminosity to the skin.

Thanks to its combination of active ingredients, Sensibiotic-Peel is characterised by its immediate exfoliating effect AND its long-term calming effect. The skin is clean and soothed; it regains its suppleness and radiance.

The rich and caressing texture of this scrub gives an immediate feeling of well-being. It is suitable for women of all ages with sensitive and reactive skin.
Tested under dermatological supervision.

Main active ingredients

Gentle exfoliating enzyme
This enzyme of biotechnological origin is obtained by fermentation of a microorganism: Bacillus subtilis. Thanks to its exfoliating properties, it removes dead skin cells by destroying the keratin of the corneocytes. It smoothes the skin and gently stimulates cell renewal.

Saffron flower
This delicate flower, naturally rich in flavonoids, is harvested in France using time-honoured and environmentally friendly methods. Known for centuries for its medicinal, culinary and spiritual benefits, it strengthens the skin barrier, protects against inflammatory reactions and in this way effectively reduces skin discomfort. Sensitive, delicate skin is soothed.


Lime blossom water
Thanks to its soothing and calming effect, this blossom water is ideal for sensitive skin. It provides relief for skin prone to redness and itching and calms the feeling of tension.

Prebiotic active ingredient
This high-performance active ingredient is a gluco-oligosaccharide derived from natural sugars (sucrose and maltose). It stimulates the skin's natural defences and contributes to the balance and protection of the skin's ecosystem.

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