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Matis Sensibiotic Serum (30ml)

This new serum contains the Sensibiotic Complex
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This new serum contains the Sensibiotic Complex. A concentrate of targeted active ingredients, it is based on the microbiome, the skin's most important defence system. When the microbial flora is in balance, the skin's barrier function is intact, the skin is less stressed and regenerates better.

Thanks to its active ingredients, this serum has three effects: It rebalances the ecosystem, reduces skin sensitivity and brings soothing relief. Indispensable for sensitive skin, it brings immediate calming and works in depth to reduce sensitivity. The skin is soothed, it recovers and becomes less and less sensitive. Skin tolerance is improved.

Its fine, silky texture envelops the skin in a soothing, calming veil. It is suitable for women of all ages with sensitive and reactive skin.
Tested under dermatological supervision.

Main active ingredients

High molecular weight hyaluronic acid
High molecular weight hyaluronic acid is known to bind up to 20 times its own weight in water, delivering moisture to the epidermis of the most sensitive skin.

Prebiotic active
This prebiotic is a gluco-oligosaccharide derived from natural sugars (sucrose and maltose) that has a dual action. It acts in the area of the microbiological barrier on the skin surface to stimulate the growth of beneficial flora at the expense of undesirable flora. With its biological action, it stimulates the release of antimicrobial peptides by the skin cells. This high-performance active stimulates the skin's natural defences and contributes to the balance and protection of the skin's ecosystem.


Saffron flower
This flower, organically grown in France, is naturally rich in flavonoids. It strengthens the skin barrier, protects against inflammatory reactions and effectively reduces skin discomfort.


Mint leaf polyphenols
This calming ingredient inhibits the release of inflammatory mediators, limits the inflammatory cascade and stimulates the production of β-endorphins. This soothes the skin and promotes its well-being.

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