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Matis Sérum Correcteur Performance (30ml)

An incredibly effective sérum with 3 synergistic effects for fantastic results!
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M2R+ has a detangling effect. This active ingredient complex from Matis causes the muscles to relax, which relaxes the skin and relieves tension.
- matiSystem H3T2 a high-tech combination of the entire active power of hyaluronic acid, intensively moisturises, smoothes facial features, 3D plumping effect
- Refined glycolic acid removes dead skin cells, ensures the stimulation of collagen and elastin, pigment spots are reduced, the complexion is radiant and even.

The facial features are relaxed: -> Botox-like effect
Continuous moisture release -> almost like after hyaluronic acid injections
Gentle exfoliating effect -> The face looks refreshed like after a relaxing weekend!

The Sérum Correcteur Performance is of a non-greasy texture, gossamer soft on the skin. A fluid that quickly gives the skin a pleasant refreshing feeling. The face appears "uncrumpled", the facial features plumped up, and the fine wrinkles of age gradually fade away.

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