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Matis Slim-Motion (200ml)

Thermoactive treatment, slimming and firming
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This treatment is a thermoactive emulsion that targets slimming and firmness with a completely new approach.
The heat effect is activated during the massage to invigorate the circulation and improve the penetration of the active ingredients.
It acts like a "personal trainer" because its extremely sophisticated shaping and firming active ingredients "imitate" the effect of a workout.


Caffeine is derived from coffee beans and contains polyphenols. It is a lipolytic agent that is essential for a slim line. It promotes the breakdown of fat cells to fight cellulite. It acts on the biological mechanism of lipolysis and enables the body to break down its fat stores.

Enzyme from papaya:
This enzyme makes it possible to gently exfoliate the skin and improve its appearance. Its exfoliating effect is comparable to other chemical peeling agents, but unlike some other agents, it is not irritating to the skin. The skin is radiant and soft.

Marine microorganisms:
These microorganisms are extracted from a sponge found in Bermuda. They increase adiponectin production, mimicking the effect of endurance training. Adipocytes are broken down and muscle fibres are toned.

Another active ingredient is a peptide of synthetic origin obtained from a combination of amino acids. It stimulates collagen synthesis and a firming agent enhances this effect.

In the morning and evening, massage in circular movements on the targeted areas (abdomen, thighs, hips...) until the product is completely absorbed.

Not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women

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