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Matis Soin Correcteur de Rides (50ml)

Wrinkle Correcting Care!
Item No: 108.1146.1
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With its relaxing and smoothing action, Soin Correcteur de Rides effectively, durably and comprehensively combats the first wrinkles and fine lines. Its triple action ensures rapid and visible results:
- Unwrinkling action: the special Matis active ingredient complex causes the muscles to relax, thus relaxing the skin and relieving tension.
- Wrinkle plumping: hyaluronic acid microspheres swell on contact with the water contained in the skin, filling in wrinkles and smoothing facial features.
The long-term restructuring of the skin by stimulating collagen synthesis rounds off the comprehensive action of Soin Correcteur de Rides and corrects wrinkles from within.
A true fountain of youth with convincing results - day after day!

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