Pevonia Pure Skin Charcoal Mask (50g)

Mask with a unique fine and creamy consistency contains finest micronised charcoal
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Through advanced micronisation technology, combined with proven and effective active ingredients, this Pure Skin Charcoal Mask delivers instant results. With a uniquely fine and creamy consistency, this mask contains the finest micronised charcoal. The fine ash residue of the charcoal has a purifying effect; for a cleansed, clean and healthy complexion. Also for sensitive skin types. In addition, the cellular skin function is normalised. This mask combines natural shea butter and squalane and provides essential lipids to moisturise and protect the skin. The skin texture becomes even. The contained aromatic grapefruit extract provides astringent and brightening benefits. Recommended for all skin types, especially oily skin, enlarged pores, skin with impurities, smokers and acne-prone skin.

Main active ingredients:
- Micronised charcoal
- Shea butter
- Squalane
- Grapefruit extract
- Kaolin and bentonite

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