Guinot Crème Hydra Summum (50ml)

Hydra Summum restores hydration to younger skin
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One of the most important requirements of cells is to maintain moisture levels. This requires an intact moisture barrier. With time and ageing, cell cohesion breaks down and we tend to lose more moisture. In addition, with age, moisture is much less well distributed throughout the cells, and also less able to be stored. This leads to skin that feels dry, tight and uncomfortable. But not only that: even the best active ingredients unfold much less well in a moisture-deficient environment.
The ultra-highly effective MOISTURISING CREAM for demanding and dehydrated skin!
The Hydralogic Complex re-stimulates the skin's entire hydration mechanism.
- Forms a protective barrier that prevents moisture evaporation
- Stores the water in the skin
- Improves the diffusion of water
- Hyaluronic acid hydrates the skin and plumps up dryness lines
- After 1 month of use, the moisture content of the skin increases by an average of 54%
The skin is optimally hydrated, soft, supple, plump and radiantly beautiful! Hydra Summum restores hydration to younger skin

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