Guinot Hydra Summum Serum (30ml)

Restores the moisture of a younger skin.
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Reinforces the structure of the skin barrier to limit water loss and achieve an optimal level of hydration. " Plumps up" skin wrinkles caused by dryness. Allows the restoration of water retention capacity as in a young skin by stimulating the synthesis of water retention molecules. Promotes hydration and improves diffusion of water in the skin by stimulating the synthesis of aquaporins. These proteins form an intercellular channel that facilitates the circulation of water.

Thanks to its concentration of active ingredients and its adapted texture, this Serum ensures rapid optimal hydration of the skin. The skin is soft, refreshed, toned, smooth and radiant.

This Serum is ideal if you want to quickly regain the youthful beauty of their skin through hydration, but also if your skin is occasionally dehydrated. It can be used in addition to any other skin care cream.

Hyaluronic acid
Molecule naturally present in the epidermis, known for its strong moisturizing properties. When present in optimal concentrations, it allows the skin to significantly increase its water holding capacity.

Moisturizing, restructuring active ingredient that restores moisture of the skin:
- Strengthens the skin's barrier structure
- Increases the skin's ability to retain water
- Improves the diffusion of water in the skin

Apply to clean face in the morning and/or evening before the skin care cream.

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