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Matis Cool-Legs (200ml)

Cooling gel with drainage effect
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This anti-water gel is directly inspired by cryotherapy techniques. When applied, its immediate freshness effect instantly relieves the feeling of heavy legs. Cryotherapy is the name given to a treatment in which cold is applied to an area of the body. It has many benefits, such as the elimination of toxins thanks to the drainage of the tissues brought about by this therapy.
For a long-term "light legs" effect, the formula of this gel contains several active ingredients that work against water retention. The legs are drained, decongested and sustainably freed from discomfort - for a guaranteed feeling of well-being.


Anti-water complex:
This complex is composed of an extract of the red alga Palmaria palmata and a venotonic polyphenol. It inhibits the formation of new blood vessels and acts to activate microcirculation to improve thermoregulation and drainage functions.

Decongestant active ingredient:
This natural active ingredient is a natural polysaccharide obtained through biofermentation that has anti-inflammatory and decongestive effects. With an active ingredient similar to vitamin P, a synergy is created that enables a significant improvement in the microcirculation of the skin. This combination is recommended for the regression of venous oedema, a typical phenomenon of heavy legs.

Menthol brings a freshness effect to the formula, contributing to the exceptional sensory pleasure offered by this gel.

Apply to the legs from the bottom up as often as necessary. Do not use during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

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