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Matis Densifiance (50ml)

Firming care for intensive restructuring
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This cream is a unique care to help the skin fight against sagging.
Its delicately melting texture quickly penetrates the skin and makes it velvety soft.
The heart of the formula, DensiDerm technology of plant origin, provides an enhanced action on collagen and elastin and acts as a true architect of the dermis to help firm the tissue. A polymer of amino acids (glycine, glutamine, proline, arginine) works in synergy with DensiDerm to help strengthen the skin structure.

DensiDerm complex
It acts on the skin like a true architect of the dermis. This complex of natural active ingredients, specially developed for mature skin, optimises the firming of the dermal fibre network.

The vitamins C and E (antioxidants) encapsulated in it are gradually released throughout the day under the influence of light rays, creating a continuous and long-lasting effect.

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