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Matis Global Eyes (15ml)

Repair care for dark circles, bags under the eyes, wrinkles
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The secret of this new anti-ageing care, whose fine texture hugs the skin, lies in the repair of the extracellular matrix. The care helps to counteract the signs of time and reduce all visible signs of ageing: it works against wrinkles, bags under the eyes and dark shadows.
Ideal, then, for women who show multiple signs of ageing. This combination of several active ingredients is perfect for pampering the eye area with an "injection of youthfulness".
Unlike classic anti-ageing care, which is aimed exclusively at combating wrinkles, this new care combines three simultaneous and interconnected modes of action: an anti-ageing effect against wrinkles and loss of firmness, the effect of reducing dark circles under the eyes and the effect against bags under the eyes.

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