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Matis Natural-Secure 24hr Deodorant (50ml)

Deodorant of natural origin, 24-hour protection
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A deodorant of natural origin that ensures freshness and highly effective protection against perspiration throughout the day. Its formula combines a pool of active ingredients to act against bad odours.
The formula is free of aluminium salts to ensure maximum safety and optimum respect for the skin. More than a simple deodorant, it calms post-hair removal irritation, ensures hydration and freshness throughout the day and in all circumstances.
The skin is fresh, soothed throughout the day.


Anti-odor active:
This active, obtained by fermentation of glucidic raw materials, and antibacterial actives complete the formula to combat bad odours without blocking the natural sweating process. It inhibits the enzymatic decomposition of sweat constituents, thus preventing the formation of bad odour.

Aloe Vera:
Aloe Vera is a succulent plant with leaves rich in water. The properties of this plant are many: moisturising, softening, healing and restructuring. The skin, which is often attacked in this area of the body, is soothed.

Absorbent powder:
A powder obtained from Tapioca, a native starch, has been added to this formula for its absorbent properties. It absorbs perspiration produced throughout the day and leaves underarms dry.

Anti-growth active:
Extracted from the leaves of Gymnema, an Indian plant, it is known to inhibit the activity of the hair bulb and slow down hair growth.

Apply every morning on clean, dry skin.

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