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Matis Nutri-Motion (200ml)

SOS balm intensely nourishes dry skin
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This balm, a real ally against intense dryness, is a rich and melting cream that bathes the skin in a bubble of comfort for the whole day.
The skin regains its suppleness and elasticity.
It is moisturised and nourished immediately and over the long term.


Shea butter:
This butter has been used for thousands of years for its skin care benefits. The shea fruit is green and contains a kernel from which butter is extracted. It is known for its regenerating and healing properties and also strengthens the skin barrier.

Illipe butter:
This is extracted from a nut that comes from a tree in South Asia and Borneo. The seeds are dried in the sun and then separated from their shells to obtain the butter. It provides vitamin E and essential fatty acids to the skin. This butter also helps to moisturise and restore the skin's elasticity.
Kokum butter:
Kokum butter comes from the fruit of an Indian tree called Garcinia Indica. It has nourishing and protective properties to regenerate and tone dry skin.

Plant polysaccharide
The skin is deeply moisturised by a plant polysaccharide from the Cassia Angustifolia from India with a "water reservoir" effect. It forms a protective film on the skin's surface and minimises insensible water loss. The skin is thus protected and moisturised.

Apply daily to the entire body, focusing on the driest areas.

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