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Matis Sensi-Milk (200ml)

Mild fluid emulsion for sensitive skin
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Lotion SensiLactée is a multifunctional cleansing product for thoroughly cleansed, delicate skin. It gives the skin an additional feeling of well-being, makes it pore-deep clean and soothes it.

The petals strengthen the skin barrier and optimally alleviate neurosensory irritation sensations by reducing the skin's overreaction. The activation of skin irritation typical of sensitive skin is reduced and inflammation is thus controlled.

Due to its calming and soothing effect, also consumed as a tea, linden flower water lends radiance to the complexion. Its soothing properties have a calming effect and relieve skin irritation and feelings of tension.

Has a refreshing, toning, moisturising and softening effect. Also called anti-stress orange blossom.

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