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Matis Peel-Perf100

Intensively refining double peeling
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The beautiful creamy texture contains very fine exfoliating silica particles for a mechanical exfoliating effect. Complementing this, a trio of refining and exfoliating AHA fruit acids provide a smoothing action to the skin. In perfect synergy, aloe vera, known for its ultra-moisturising properties, plumps the skin. The complexion is even, the skin texture refined, wrinkles are less visible.

AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids)
The trio of malic, tartaric and glycolic acids
stimulates cell renewal and skin microcirculation. It improves the appearance of the skin and gives it more elasticity. It evens out the complexion, cleanses and frees it from impurities, reduces pigmentation marks.

Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera consists mainly of water and also contains a whole range of minerals, trace elements, essential amino acids and a high concentration of vitamins. It has soothing properties for irritated and sensitive skin.

Exfoliating silica
Its exfoliating mineral particles are 100% natural and provide all the benefits of a gentle and particularly effective exfoliator for all skin types.

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