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Guinot Longue Vie

free samples are enclosed with each order

Advances in cell biology make it possible to delay the effects of ageing on the skin. It is now possible to regain the appearance of younger skin with skincare products with proven efficacy.

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Guinot Masque Anti-Rides Longue Vie+ (50ml)

Anti-Falten Maske für Gesicht & Augen
CHF 70.00 ² CHF 56.00 incl. VAT plus shipping
(100ml CHF 112.00)

Guinot Serum Longue Vie+ (30ml)

NEW Longue Vie Serum with optimised formula
CHF 130.00 ² CHF 104.00 incl. VAT plus shipping
(100ml CHF 346.65)

Guinot Nouvelle Vie Cream (50ml)

Put an end to the tired and dull complexion
CHF 99.00 ² CHF 79.20 incl. VAT plus shipping
(100ml CHF 158.40)

Guinot Sérum Longue Vie Décolleté (50ml)

This firming youth serum contains all the anti-ageing action of Guinot in a special formula
CHF 79.00 ² CHF 63.20 incl. VAT plus shipping
(100ml CHF 126.40)

Guinot Longue Vie Pieds (125ml)

Regenerating cream for the feet
CHF 37.00 ² CHF 29.60 incl. VAT plus shipping
(100ml CHF 23.65)

Guinot Longue Vie Corps (200ml)

Cream for young appearance, firmness and softness
CHF 85.00 ² CHF 68.00 incl. VAT plus shipping
(100ml CHF 34.00)