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Guinot Sun

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Guinot Sun

The new sun care products from the laboratories of Guinot, are a combination of the right skin care (Longue Vie, Hydrazone) and the right protection (broad spectrum protection, SPF 30 to 50+).

Continue to care for the skin even in the sun when it needs it most.

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Guinot Longue Vie Soleil Crème (50ml)

Cream for young appearance before and after the sun
CHF 95.00 ² CHF 76.00 incl. VAT plus shipping
(100ml CHF 152.00)

Guinot Longue Vie Soleil Lait (150ml)

Milk after sun - body
CHF 59.00 ² CHF 47.20 incl. VAT plus shipping
(100ml CHF 31.45)

Guinot Hydrazone Crème Solaire SPF50 (50ml)

Moisturising Sun Cream - Face
CHF 62.00 ² CHF 49.60 incl. VAT plus shipping
(100ml CHF 99.20)

Guinot Hydrazone Fluide Solaire SPF30 (50ml)

Hydrating Sun Fluid - Face
CHF 55.00 ² CHF 44.00 incl. VAT plus shipping
(100ml CHF 88.00)

Guinot Hydrazone Brume Solaire SPF30 (150ml)

Milky, moisturising sunscreen spray - Body
CHF 52.00 ² CHF 41.60 incl. VAT plus shipping
(100ml CHF 27.70)

Guinot Hydrazone Gel-Crème (150ml)

Soothing Moisturising After-Sun Cream Gel - Face and Body
CHF 47.00 ² CHF 37.60 incl. VAT plus shipping
(100ml CHF 25.05)